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Chopiniana / Les Sylphides

is classical ballet from XX.Century, on the motives from famous romatic ballet La Sylphide (Taglioni/Shneitzhoffer),choreography by Mikhail Fokin, music by Frederis Chopin.Original name of this divertissement-ballet was Chopiniana,because music was instrumentalizated nocturnos, waltzes, mazurkas and others tracks by Frederic Chopin for piano.Now is more frequent name of this ballet Les Sylphides.Sylphide is name of air fairy.


Yana Selina from Kirov / Mariinsky Ballet in Les Sylphides.


Kirov / Mariinsky Ballet in Chopiniana.

 Kirov / Mariinsky Ballet in Les Sylphides.

Xander Parish, a british dancer who join to Mariinsky Ballet,dances in Kirov´s Chopiana.

Kirov´s /Mariinsky´s Chopinana /Les Sylphides.



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